Owning Your Value

10 tactics to bust your self-doubt, step into your true value, and be your best self

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Limiting beliefs and their resulting self-doubt most often indicate Imposter Syndrome, a pervasive internalized feeling that one is not skilled enough for the work they are doing or aspire to do. This results in one feeling that they don't belong competency-wise in their workplaces, in their roles as caregivers, and in many other aspects of their lives. Ironically, this self-devaluation is more commonly experienced by high achievers, and it flourishes in fields that require specialized training.  Although most people have experienced this phenomenon in at least one aspect of their lives, they do not talk about it, as it involves a fear of being exposed as a fraud. 

Good news! This self-doubt is very addressable, and by learning more about Imposter Syndrome and by implementing certain practicable techniques, one can more objectively and accurately assess themselves, step confidently into their true value, and bring their best selves to their lives with comfort and authenticity.

GenLead|BelongLab is thrilled to bring its top-rated "Owning Your Value" workshop online to provide greater access to these transformative tools. This 1.5 month online course offers weekly instruction modules, exercises and reflections, and a community forum to help you put into practice 10 very actionable tactics to bust your self-doubt and Imposter Syndrome. If you are tired of the anxiety, paralysis and isolation that comes with self-doubt and are eager to feel more confident in your competence, this course is for you.

Through this course, you can utilize the 10 tactics to notice:

  • Heightened productivity, performance, and engagement in many aspects of your life
  • Improved wellness and decreased anxiety
  • Greater creativity and willingness to offer your unique ideas
  • Development of your leadership presence and skills
  • Greater comfort in finding and amplifying your authentic voice and perspectives
  • Increased resilience
  • Reduction of internalized bias, more meaningful inclusion, and increased sense of belonging
  • A smoother transition into people management

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I had the pleasure of participating in Neha’s “Owning Your Value” workshop. Through an engaging presentation and interactive exercises, Neha created a space that allowed us to discover our internalized tendencies to downplay our success and doubt our abilities. She also gave us tools to begin overcoming those tendencies. Her insight, experience, and understanding of these issues, particularly among diverse professionals, were very helpful in facilitating our self-exploration. I came away feeling empowered and with a better understanding of myself.

- Lisa P. Mak, Attorney At Law -