Generational Inclusion

Moving from Cross-Generational Complaints to Capitalization

For the first time in history, we have five generations in the workforce: Traditionalists, Baby Boomers, Gen X, Millennials, and Gen Z. Each generation was subject to its own historical shaping forces and, thus, brings unique perspectives, preferences, strengths, and challenges to the workforce. Unfortunately, generational diversity often is experienced as a problem more than an opportunity, with one generation complaining about another and with misunderstandings rooted in generational communication differences.

Through tailored workshops, compelling keynotes, and small group summits, GenLead|BelongLab moves individuals, teams, and organizations from inter-generational friction to generational inclusion and capitalization.

Workshops and Training

Our highly reviewed generational diversity training program, “Capitalizing on Generational Diversity,” equips organizations to recognize and address sources of intergenerational working challenges, foster a constructive culture for effective communication and teamwork across generations, and better capitalize on the unique strengths of each generation. This in turn empowers organizations to avoid the succession crisis that looms with the inevitable retirement of older generations concurrent with the outflow of younger generations. Generational inclusion improves an employer’s engagement of its employees, its team dynamics, as well as its stability.

Sample content includes:

  • Insight on shaping forces, traits, and preferences of each generation, including:
    • How they communicate;
    • How they lead and like to be led;
    • How they like to learn;
    • Their values, what they seek from their work, their motivators, and their de-motivators; and
    • Their strengths and challenges.
  • What this all means when it comes to recruitment and retention, mentorship/sponsorship, and professional development.
  • The limits of societal and historical forces on individual personality, cross-cultural implications.

The training can be provided as one workshop or a series of workshops with a mixed generational group, or it can be broken down into separate sessions by generation. A particularly effective approach is to hold a three-session series, with workshop 1 geared towards Gen X and older, workshop 2 geared towards Millennials and Gen Z, and workshop 3 bringing together the full group of participants to further explore generational synergies and practice their newly developed generational skillset. We conduct pre-training assessment to identify the prevalent pain points and develop the most relevant training program.

To best reach all generations, we design our workshops to be multi-modal (lecture, visual instruction, discussion-based co-learning, and activities) and provide opportunities to practice learned skills. Our workshops also foster meaningful and actionable ways participants can implement their learning for the benefit of their own professional development, their coworker relationships, the organization’s culture and bottom line, and their industry as a whole.

Leadership Summit Series – Intergenerational Connection

Through our lauded, small-group Leadership Summit Series, we have facilitated and nurtured cross-general connection and helped individuals better understand one another and one another’s generational perspectives in ways that can improve their professional fulfillment and success.

To learn more about this unique program, download a printable brochure.

I have had the pleasure of hearing Neha speak on multiple occasions. She has a unique ability to captivate and connect with her audience. Neha's pragmatic advice is deeply rooted in her many experiences she's had throughout her life and career.

- Natasha Hanson Allen -

Through GenLead/BelongLab’s “Leadership Summit: Intergenerational Women Lawyers,” I engaged in eye-opening discussions that have transformed the way I approach the dynamics between female attorneys of different generations. Using Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean In as a platform, Neha did a fantastic job facilitating the dialogue around the gender inequality issues that plague our workforce. Not only did I leave feeling empowered with the tools I needed to tackle these problems, I made deep and valuable connections along the way. I highly recommend this series to anybody interested in leadership and professional development.

- Lena Ghamrawi -